Contact Improvisation & Tantra 2

Prochain atelier : 20-22 september, Gironde

Deuxième édition de l’atelier Contact Improvisation & Tantra avec Sabine Sonnenschein.
Lors de cet atelier, nous allons nous-mêmes créer de l’énergie dans notre corps ainsi que
en s’influençant l’un-l’autre. Nous pouvons créer de l’énergie en respirant, en se remuant
et se balançant à travers des vibrations et du touché. Chaque danse, chaque rencontre
informe notre corps et nous change au niveau énergétique. Chaque danse renouvelle
notre identité. La respiration consciente soutient notre danse.
Si nous sommes capables de nous sentir les uns les autres sans se toucher
physiquement, nous augmentons notre conscience pour se connecter profondément.

Nous apprendrons des éléments de massage tantrique du Cachemire (comme enseigné
par Daniel Odier).

Nos corps et psyché ont toujours raison; ils ne mentent pas. Nous pouvons apprendre à
les écouter pour trouver notre vérité intérieure. Tentons d’oublier notre « moi » et qui
nous sommes : faisons confiance au moment et à notre corps.

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Our body and psyche are always true, they never cheat us. We learn to listen to them, to find our inner truth. Forget your concept of self and what you are: Trust the moment and your body.
In this workshop we create energy in our bodies on our own as well as by influencing each other.  We can create energy by breathing, by shaking and rocking, by vibration and through touch. Each dance, each encounter informs our bodies, changes us energetically. Each dance makes us/our identity anew. Through aware breathing we support our dance.
If we are able to sense each other also without physical touch, we create a high awareness and are able to listen to each other profoundly. What and whom do you attract in dancing Contact Improvisation (CI) and why? We get aware of the energies and qualities of our chakras (centres of energy in the body).
We learn how to deal in an aware way with our sexual energy in the body and direct it with tantric breathing techniques in the body. Sexual energy will nourish our dance!
Only if we are able to say no to what we don’t want right now, we have a clear yes to what we want. We learn to be able to articulate a no and get out of a dance, that is not appropriate for us right now.
In CI you experience to trust yourself and others. You are carried by the floor, you are carried by others. You experience to trust your own body, especially, when you fall.
The physical experience of being carried and held provides your devotion. This experience reinforces your basic trust and might be deeply healing.
You experience yourself in your strength and energy and in being connected with the earth, the universe, the others.
You experience to fly, to be in the moment and to be curious. Contact Improvisation & Tantra is a physical, spiritual and psychic experience of being one with the universe.
You experience that there is nothing to do for being loved, but that you are loved, just because you are.

You learn elements of  the Kashmiri tantric massage (as taught by Daniel Odier). Direct out of the massage you will find into a dance.

Kashmiri massage is based on relaxed belly breathing.

The massage lets you arrive inside yourself, arrive in your inner peace. You can experience deep comfort, feeling of security and oneness in the massage. It can be healing. It is very close and sensual.

Tandava, a slow dance meditation, based on breathing already provides the experience of touching the space and getting touched by the space.
We practise dance and touch as meditation, which facilitates transpersonal and spiritual experiences.

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